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The Revolutionary 3dgence F421 Industry: A Gamechanger in Advanced Manufacturing

Kind Reader, welcome to the world of 3D printing with the innovative 3DGence Industry F421. This cutting-edge machine is set to revolutionize the manufacturing world with its best-in-class features like fast printing speed, exceptional precision, and high durability. The 3DGence Industry F421 is the latest addition to the 3D printing industry, and it is already creating a buzz among manufacturers, designers, and engineers. With its state-of-the-art technology and advanced features, the F421 promises to take additive manufacturing to the next level.

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Introduction to 3DGence Industry F421

3dgence-industry-f421,3DGence Industry F421,thq3DGence-Industry-F421

3D printing technology has significantly impacted many industries, including the manufacturing and production sector. The 3DGence Industry F421 is a modern, industrial-grade 3D printer designed to cater to various production needs across industries. The printer combines speed, quality, and accuracy to make it an effective solution for businesses looking to optimize their production processes.

What is the 3DGence Industry F421?

The 3DGence Industry F421 is a 3D printer designed for industrial applications. The printer is built to work with various materials, including technical polymers like ASA, ABS, and PC. It features a large build volume, measuring 420mm x 297mm x 210mm, which enables businesses to print large parts with ease. Its other features include a HEPA filter system, automatic bed leveling, and a Wi-Fi camera for remote monitoring.

Benefits of the 3DGence Industry F421

The 3DGence Industry F421 offers several benefits to businesses, such as:

No Benefits
1 Ability to print with different materials
2 Large build volume
3 High accuracy and precision in printing
4 Remote monitoring through the Wi-Fi camera
5 Automatic bed leveling for ease of use
6 HEPA filter system for safe and clean printing environment

Industries That Benefit from the 3DGence Industry F421

Several industries can benefit from using the 3DGence Industry F421 to optimize their production processes. The industries include:

No Industries
1 Automotive
2 Aerospace
3 Manufacturing
4 Engineering
5 Architecture

Design and Features of 3DGence INDUSTRY F421

3dgence-industry-f421,3DGence INDUSTRY F421 Design,thq3DGenceINDUSTRYF421Design

The 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 is designed and built with industrial-grade parts to fit the requirements of every industry. The machine is enclosed in a sturdy, powder-coated steel frame, which ensures the safety of the surrounding environment and keeps the temperature stable. The 3DGence F421 has a large build volume of 380mm x 380mm x 420mm, which is a massive advantage for printing complex parts.

Build Plate

The 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 has a magnetic, detachable, self-leveling build plate with an auto-calibration feature. This feature ensures that the printer bed remains level and parallel during the printing process. This enhances the accuracy, precision, and quality of printing. Additionally, the F421 has a heated bed that can reach a temperature range of 40°C to 160°C, which is ideal for printing with a wide range of filaments and materials.


The 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 has a dual extruder system that utilizes direct-drive technology. The direct-drive system enables the printer to extrude filaments with greater accuracy and precision, making it useful for printing complex parts and models. The printer can print with a wide range of filaments, including PLA, ABS, PC, Nylon, and more.

No Aspect Information
1 Company name 3DGence
2 Model name F421
3 Printing technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
4 Maximum build volume 240 x 280 x 300 mm
5 Layer height options 0.05 – 0.3 mm
6 Max travel speed 400 mm/s
7 Supported materials PLA, ABS, PC, PET, TPU, Nylon, ASA, PP, PVA, HIPS, carbon fibre, wood, metal-filled filaments
8 Connectivity USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi
9 Software 3DGence Slicer, Simplify3D, Cura
10 Price €2,940 (~$3,460)

Design and structure

3dgence-industry-f421,Design of 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421,thq3dgenceindustryf421design

3Dgence INDUSTRY F421 is designed as a professional, industrial 3D printer that leads to long-lasting and high-quality prints. It has a sturdy, all-metal structure, which makes it capable of handling complex and challenging projects. The printer’s stylish design also gives it an appealing look that stands out in any workspace.


The 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421 is equipped with a 300 x 300 x 300 mm build volume, making it ideal for printing large objects. The printer also features a heated bed that can go up to 160 degrees Celsius, ensuring that the printed objects stick properly and are devoid of any warping or sagging.

In-built filament sensor

The 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421 is equipped with an in-built filament sensor that ensures the printing process is consistent. The filament sensor automatically detects if the filament gets clogged, which helps prevent print failures.



The 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 is a highly advanced 3D printer that features a closed chamber design with a maximum build volume of 380 x 380 x 420 mm and an enclosed build chamber. This makes it suitable for printing high-performance materials at a high temperature while minimizing the risk of warping and other printing-related issues. It also features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing operators with little to no 3D printing experience to operate the machine with ease.


The extruder on the 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 is capable of reaching temperatures of up to 500 °C, allowing it to print a wide range of high-performance materials such as PEEK, PEKK, and ultem. This extruder is also equipped with a hardened steel nozzle, which can withstand the abrasive effects of printing with reinforced filaments, carbon fiber, or glass fiber filaments without showing signs of wear or clogging.


The heated bed on the 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 is made of high-quality aluminum, which allows for fast and even heating across the entire surface of the build plate. This reduces the risk of warping, which is particularly important when printing with high-performance materials. The bed is also equipped with a mechanical self-leveling system, which helps reduce the time and effort required to set up the printer for a new print.



The 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 comes with a proprietary slicing software known as 3DGence Slicer. This software is designed to work seamlessly with the printer and optimize the settings for the user’s specific material and printing needs. It features a user-friendly interface that allows operators to quickly and easily set up their print jobs, adjust the print settings, and monitor the progress of their prints in real-time.


The 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 offers versatile connectivity options, making it easy to integrate into existing workflows. The printer can be connected to a network via Ethernet or WiFi, allowing operators to manage and monitor the printer remotely from any device with an internet connection. It also features a USB port, which allows for easy file transfer and direct printing from a USB drive.


The 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 is compatible with a wide range of common file formats, including STL, OBJ, 3MF, and AMF. This makes it easy for operators to import their 3D models from most design software and start printing right away. It also includes several pre-configured material profiles that are optimized for different materials, making it easy to achieve high-quality prints with minimal setup time.

Applications of 3DGence INDUSTRY F421

3dgence-industry-f421,Applications of 3DGence INDUSTRY F421,thqApplicationsof3DGenceINDUSTRYF421

The 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 has a wide range of industrial applications that help create high-quality, functional, and durable parts. Some of the major applications of 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 are:

1. Aerospace

In aerospace industries, parts need to be made with high precision, reliability, and durability. The 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 is capable of producing parts that can withstand harsh environments and is resistant to chemicals. The use of this printer in aerospace industries can reduce manufacturing time and cost by a significant margin.

2. Automotive

The automotive industry is one of the most widespread adopters of 3D printing technology. The use of 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 in this industry can help create automotive parts with high dimensional accuracy and durability. Functional prototyping can help to identify and fix problems before the final product is created, which can save time and money.

3. Medical

3D printing technology has also gained significant popularity in the medical industry. With the use of 3DGence INDUSTRY F421, the medical industry can create custom prosthetics, orthotics, and medical implants with high precision and accuracy.

4. Engineering

Engineers use 3D printing to create prototypes, production parts, and molds. The 3DGence INDUSTRY F421, with its large build volume and high-temperature capability, can produce high-quality parts for industrial applications.

5. Education

3D printing technology has also made its way into the classroom. The 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 printer can help teach students about 3D printing, design, and engineering in a fun and interactive way. It can also create models and prototypes for educational purposes.

6. Architecture

The architecture industry can use 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 for building scale models and mockups. The printer can help architects create visually appealing and intricate models that showcase their designs in the best possible way.

7. Manufacturing

The 3DGence INDUSTRY F421 can help various manufacturing industries to create custom parts and prototypes with high accuracy, precision, and strength. The printer is capable of producing complex geometries and designs that may not be feasible with traditional manufacturing methods.

Features of 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421

3dgence-industry-f421,Features of 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421,thq3DgenceINDUSTRYF421Features

The 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421 is equipped with a range of features that make it stand out from other industrial 3D printers on the market. Below are some of the key features of the INDUSTRY F421:

1. Large Build Volume

The 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421 has a large build volume of 380 x 380 x 420 mm, making it ideal for printing large objects or multiple smaller objects at once. This is one of the largest build volumes available in industrial 3D printers.

2. Closed Chamber Design

The INDUSTRY F421 has a closed chamber design, which helps regulate the temperature and humidity inside the printer. This is important for achieving high-quality prints, especially when using materials that are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.

3. Dual Extruder System

The INDUSTRY F421 features a dual extruder system, which allows for printing with two different materials or colors simultaneously. This is useful for creating parts with intricate designs or for printing support structures with a different material than the main part.

4. Filament Monitoring System

The INDUSTRY F421 has a filament monitoring system that alerts the user when the filament is running low or has run out. This helps prevent failed prints and saves time by allowing for timely replacement of the filament.

5. Industrial-Grade Build Quality

The INDUSTRY F421 is designed for industrial use and has a build quality to match. The printer is built with high-quality materials and components, ensuring reliable and consistent performance over time.

6. Intuitive Touch Screen Interface

The INDUSTRY F421 has an intuitive touch screen interface that makes it easy to use and control the printer. The interface is user-friendly and provides access to a range of advanced features.

7. Multi-Language Support

The INDUSTRY F421 supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users around the world. The printer’s interface can be switched between English, German, Spanish, and Chinese, among others.

Technical specifications of 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421

3dgence-industry-f421,Technical specifications of 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421,thq3DgenceINDUSTRYF421specs

3Dgence INDUSTRY F421 is designed for high-quality prints and industrial-grade durability. The printer supports a layer resolution of up to 25 microns, which allows for high accuracy and sharp details. Its build area is 330 x 260 x 250 mm, which is suitable for printing large objects or multiple parts simultaneously. With a maximum printing speed of 400 mm/s, the printer can produce parts quickly and efficiently. The printer’s extruder can reach temperatures of up to 500°C, which allows it to print with high-temperature materials such as PEEK, ULTEM, and PPSU. Additionally, the printer has a filament runout sensor that pauses the printing process when the filament runs out or breaks.

Build volume

The build volume or printing area of 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421 is 330 x 260 x 250 mm. The printer can accommodate large parts or multiple parts at once, which makes it suitable for industrial applications that require large-scale printing.

Layer resolution

The layer resolution of 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421 is up to 25 microns. This means that the printer can produce parts with high accuracy and sharp details, which is ideal for creating prototypes and functional parts. The high layer resolution also allows for a smooth surface finish, eliminating the need for post-processing.

Printing speed

The maximum printing speed of 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421 is 400 mm/s, which is one of the fastest among industrial-grade 3D printers. This allows the printer to produce parts quickly and efficiently, making it suitable for large-scale production or prototyping.

Extruder temperature

The extruder of 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421 can reach temperatures of up to 500°C, which allows it to print with high-temperature materials such as PEEK, ULTEM, and PPSU. These materials are commonly used in aerospace, automotive, and medical industries due to their high strength and heat resistance. The ability to print with these materials makes 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421 ideal for prototyping and production of industrial-grade parts.

Filament runout sensor

3Dgence INDUSTRY F421 has a filament runout sensor that pauses the printing process when the filament runs out or breaks. This ensures that the printing process is not interrupted and prevents wasted materials and time. The sensor also allows the operator to change the filament easily and resume the printing process without losing progress.

Table: Technical specifications of 3Dgence INDUSTRY F421

Specifications Values
Printing technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Build volume 330 x 260 x 250 mm
Layer resolution Up to 25 microns
Printing speed Up to 400 mm/s
Extruder temperature Up to 500°C
Supported materials PLA, ABS, PET, PET-G, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PEEK, ULTEM, PPSU
Connectivity Wi-Fi/Ethernet/USB/SD card
Software 3Dgence Slicer

Frequently Asked Questions on 3DGence Industry F421

Find answers to your questions, concerns, anxiety or problems about the 3DGence Industry F421 below.

1. What is the 3DGence Industry F421?

The 3DGence Industry F421 is a professional 3D printer designed for industrial and manufacturing purposes. It’s a Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) printer that uses thermoplastics to generate a physical object from a digital design.

2. Who can use the 3DGence Industry F421?

The 3DGence Industry F421 is suitable for businesses, professionals, manufacturers, and engineers who require high-quality 3D prints for prototyping, tooling, or end-use parts.

3. What materials can the 3DGence Industry F421 print with?

The 3DGence Industry F421 can print with a wide variety of materials, including ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon, TPU, PC, and Carbon Fiber reinforced filament.

4. What is the maximum print size of the 3DGence Industry F421?

The maximum print size of the 3DGence Industry F421 is 380 x 380 x 420 mm (15 x 15 x 16.5 inches).

5. What is the layer height resolution of the 3DGence Industry F421?

The layer height resolution of the 3DGence Industry F421 ranges from 0.05 to 0.4 mm.

6. How long does it take to print with the 3DGence Industry F421?

The printing time of the 3DGence Industry F421 varies depending on the print size and complexity, material, and printing speed. However, it typically takes several hours to complete a print.

7. Does the 3DGence Industry F421 come with software?

Yes, the 3DGence Industry F421 comes with 3DGence Slicer software that provides pre-defined printing profiles, advanced setting options, and automatic support generation.

8. Can I use third-party software with the 3DGence Industry F421?

Yes, the 3DGence Industry F421 supports various third-party slicing software, such as Cura, Simplify3D, and PrusaSlicer.

9. Is the 3DGence Industry F421 easy to use?

The 3DGence Industry F421 has a user-friendly interface, intuitive controls, and automatic bed leveling, making it easy to use for both beginners and experts. However, it requires some initial setup and calibration.

10. What kind of maintenance does the 3DGence Industry F421 require?

The 3DGence Industry F421 requires regular cleaning, lubrication, and occasional replacement of consumables, such as nozzles, hotends, and drive gears.

11. Does the 3DGence Industry F421 require a lot of electricity?

The 3DGence Industry F421 consumes approximately 1.5 kW of electricity when printing, which is comparable to a standard microwave oven.

12. Can I customize the 3DGence Industry F421?

Yes, the 3DGence Industry F421 has a modular design that allows you to upgrade or replace various components, such as the extruder, hotend, and cooling system.

13. Is the 3DGence Industry F421 expensive?

The 3DGence Industry F421 is a professional-grade 3D printer and is priced accordingly. However, it offers high-quality, reliable, and versatile printing capabilities that justify the cost for businesses and professionals.

14. What kind of support does 3DGence offer for the Industry F421?

3DGence offers comprehensive technical support, training, and warranty packages for the Industry F421, as well as a user community forum, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides.

15. Can I order spare parts for the 3DGence Industry F421?

Yes, 3DGence offers a range of spare parts and consumables for the Industry F421, including hotends, nozzles, build plates, and drive gears.

16. What type of payment options are available for the 3DGence Industry F421?

3DGence offers various payment options for the Industry F421, such as credit cards, wire transfers, and leasing. Contact their sales department for more information.

17. How can I contact 3DGence for further questions or support?

You can contact 3DGence through their website’s contact form, email, phone, or social media channels. Visit their website for more information.

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